I started this blog in 2015, and over the years some content has been lost. When I rebuilt my site, I omitted a lot of my early blog posts about my early equipment and materials. I’ve also left out some photos of my earliest attempts at painting with watercolours, which were quite a mess. Let’s just pretend you saw them and that you found my early painting attempts impressive and inspiring.

Mostly, I just rambled about the different painting challenges I set for myself, and ranted about the struggles I had. I wish now that I hadn’t fallen into the same trap that every beginner watercolourist seems to fall into, which is using cheap paper. My brushes weren’t to bad, and my paints were okay, but my paper made my life very difficult. I think the learning curve would have been a lot less steep if I hadn’t been so stingy and afraid to waste paper.

At any rate, I am writing this post in October 2019 as I rebuild my site, to explain why there will be a big gap in the publishing dates between my first post and the next one. Don’t worry! You didn’t miss much!