Morning Fog on the River

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Morning Fog on the River, 11″ x 7.5″ (28cm x 19cm), $145.

I like the clarity of the colours in this painting. There are a few areas I should have preserved with masking fluid, but overall, the result pleases me. This is probably my best attempt so far at depicting a foggy scene. I painted the background trees in several stages, starting at the top and fading out the bottoms, which gave me the desired fog effect.

My Jackson’s Kolinsky sable brushes continue to give me trouble. The hairs must be from female Kolinsky sables, because while they hold lots of water, they refuse to spring to a point. This makes detailed edges very difficult to achieve. I may have to give up and pay the price for Jackson’s Tajmyr Kolinsky brushes. They are supposed to be made by Escoda and identical to the Escoda Reserva. Originally, I hoped that these brushes would improve with use, but they haven’t. I’ll give it some more time, but I suspect that I will be replacing them.

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