Foggy Fields

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Foggy Fields
Foggy Fields, 11″ x 7.5″ (28cm x 19cm), $140.

This painting allowed me to try two different things. The first thing I experimented with is fog. The wetter the page is, the more the colours will disperse, creating a misty, unfocused, washed-out appearance. However, it is not easy to judge exactly how wet the page is, so creating multiple layers of depth in the background didn’t work quite as I had hoped. I managed to achieve the right foggy look, but this is something I will have to try more in the future.

The other thing I got to try was my new ruling pen. I bought it mainly to use with masking fluid, but I also tried using it with paint to give the grass more texture. I had previously used tiny brushes and dip pens to try to create thin lines of masking fluid. Unfortunately, the brushes didn’t work very well, and the dip pens usually clogged up and scratched the page. The ruling pen works perfectly! I am so glad I bought it, as it has already proven itself to be a good investment.

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